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Our Process

For over 30 years we have been fully engaged in change – helping people and companies transform their interior spaces to fit changing needs, changing goals, changing lives.


Together, we have evaluated changes in lifestyle, in the size of individual and family units, and in physical ability. Through inquiry and research, practical solutions for daily living have culminated in the interiors we have designed for our clients – all very special individuals.


1. Planning & Consultation


A look together at the whole property and structural aspects of the buildings involved. A review of current and future changes to be included in the design and an approach to the full anticipation of scope.

What's Included:


- Needs Assessment & Programming

- Strategic & Master Planning

- Design Concept Development

- Site Evaluation


2. Design & Specification


The evaluation, research, and approach to creating design solutions through the application of spatial, aesthetic, electrical, plumbing and technological elements to meet project goals. The production of printed documents that communicate all aspects of the design, finishes, furnishings and fixtures for the purpose of acquiring construction, fabrication and total project pricing.

What's Included:


- Space Planning / Universal Design Planning

- Floor Plans / Construction Documents

- Finishes & Fixtures Schedules

- Furniture Plans & Schedules

- Cabinetry / Custom Furniture Plans

- Lighting Plans

- Window & Bed Treatment Designs

- Color Schemes

- Interior & Exterior Signage

3. Product Selection


The designation of each design element specified by manufacturer, name, style, color, finish, content, dimension, and installation requirements that will complete the approved project. Clients are encouraged to participate in this segment of the project and are encouraged to be involved in the “trying on” of furnishings and fixtures with ergonomic features.

What's Included:


- Interior Construction, Finish & Fabrication Materials
- Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures
- Furniture & Coverings
- Cabinetry & Hardware
- Wall and Floor Coverings
- Window & Bed Treatments, Fabrication Products & Hardware
- Artwork & Accessories

- Color Schemes

- Interior & Exterior Signage

4. Cost Analysis and Purchasing


The gathering of all costs involved to complete the project. This includes fabrication, installation, construction, product, shipping, delivery and installation costs. A spreadsheet is kept current with every decision and provided to the client.

What's Included:


- Product & Fabrication Pricing

- Contract Labor Bid Procurement

- Acquisition of non-Contractor Supplied Finishes/Furnishings


- Shipping, Delivery & Installation Pricing

- Project Cost Spreadsheet

5. Project Management


Each project begins with a team meeting and review of work plans and scheduling. The continuous flow-of-project implementation, from start to finish, is a team effort and successful only through clear communication and mutual respect, on the client’s behalf.

What's Included:


- Process Collaboration
- Sequence Scheduling and Coordination
- Team Communication &and Management


6. Project Review & Follow Up


Following the completion of the project, an owner’s manuals and warranty certificates and maintenance guidelines are compiled in a binder. The client becomes the caretaker of the finished interiors and a review of the success of the design is conducted.

What's Included:


- Maintenance Schedule
- Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE)


“Besides her obvious competence, the thing that impressed me the most about Lisa was her professional, business-like manner. Her approach was methodical and well-organized. She dealt with our cost issues with the same degree of skill and sensitivity as our design issues. She had a prepared agenda for every meeting, and consistently addressed every action item from the previous meeting. Above all, she was warm and personable. Working with her was indeed a pleasure, and I highly commend her to you!”

Wakefield Corporate Client

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